Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweet Georgia Browns

Song/Artist: Sweet Georgia Brown / Django Reinhardt
Sweet Georgia Brown / Benny Goodman

Why we like this song: N--For those of you who take lessons with us, here are a couple of songs to which you can play and create with your solo charleston. There are a million and one versions of this song out there--here are two of my favorites. Try listening to them back to back, and then dance to them back to back. What do you think?


Blogger J. said...

Very cool song... i have a sweet spot for Benny Goodman, so I prefer the second version...

great swing, great rythm...great pick!


11:01 PM  
Blogger P&N said...

see, now, i think i like the django one better. at least for today:)

your benny goodman finds have been great for our collection...um, 'a smo-o-o-oth one'?? yea. maybe i'll post that next...


7:58 PM  

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