Monday, April 03, 2006

For Dancers Only

Song: For Dancers Only
Artist: Jimmie Lunceford

Why we like this song: N--The All Music Guide says that Lunceford's band has "always been difficult to evaluate," rated by contemporary observers as top notch, but when judged soley on their music, they are "second tier." I say...what-the-bleep-ever, second tier my foot. This song to me is a shining example of a top notch dance song. It has wonderful pulse and direction and simplicity, and it has tons of space within the phrases to play. I first heard this song at Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in Minneapolis--we recorded some of the dance competitions at ULHS, and this was one of the songs dj-ed there. Have you ever seen two people have a super tight dance to a song, and then watch footage of said dance over and over, and then try to dance in the same way to that same song, and somehow your body just won't cooperate? Ah, the joy of learning how to dance well. In any case, this song rocks. And the Midcoast Swing Orchestra plays a mean rendition of it--check them out every other Tuesday at The Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis.

Lindyhopper's Delight

Song: Lindyhopper's Delight
Artist: Chick Webb
Album: Strictly Jive

Why we like this song: N--To commemorate the start of lindy hop lessons for some of you, I give you this song. This entire album is awesome...if you're looking for albums where most if not all songs make you want to move, then go buy this one right now! I particularly like this song because it has great energy and drive and that good old make-merry feeling. And the funky discord section at the end is somehow refreshing in a weird way. Also, Chick Webb's life story is inspirational, which makes his music that much more interesting to listen to.